“No one else is able to bring the level of expertise, confidence in their research, and ability to explain the “so what” like Perpetual Strategist. No one.”


We are a competitive intelligence research firm specializing in gathering difficult-to-find information, developing insights, and delivering them relatively quickly. Our principals have been involved in competitive intelligence, and the community of competitive intelligence professionals, since the discipline’s inception in the early 1980s.


What is your philosophy?

Our basic philosophy is this: We work to ensure the success of our clients, both as individuals and as companies. For us, this means a few things. The first is that we step out of the way. We aren’t interested in accolades or credit, but in making sure that you and your internal customers are as well informed as possible on a given topic. And we are interested that our partners (you and your colleagues) succeed, not just the company itself.

Second, we won’t abandon you towards the end of a project. We don’t consider a project closed when a certain number of interviews are completed or the deadline date has arrived. We are well-known among our clients for our follow-up efforts, and for pursuing results until all avenues of ethical inquiry have been exhausted. We are also available after the project to address your clarification questions. Our projects are successful for us when they are successful for our clients.


What kinds of deliverables can you provide?

We can provide a variety of deliverables. All of our reports are custom tailored to meet the requirements of individual clients and projects. We produce reports ranging from very thick spreadsheet reports filled with detail to sharp, concise summaries, and from graphically-intense presentations to narrative bullet-point text reports.

For us, the information and the audience drive the format for a deliverable. Some of our analyses are for presentation to an executive committee; these usually require very visual presentations or very brief documents. Others, such as sales force assessments to be used by sales managers in planning personnel changes, are more typically more detailed documents with integrated organizational charts.

We find that the best used, and best received reports, are generally those that are brief, to the point, and insightful.


Who are your clients? (Who has used your services before?)

Over the course of more than 25 years, quite a few companies have used our services. In fact, more than three-quarters of the Fortune 100, and over half of the Fortune 500 have worked with us.

For serious inquiries, we are happy to put you in touch with a few of our current clients. Considering the imposition this places on our clients (although they do seem eager and willing to help), we prefer to do this only in cases where a potential client is making a final consideration of working with us.


How much do your services cost?

For clients without long-term retainer contracts, we price our services on a project basis. Our long experience in this field grants us the ability to accurately estimate the level of effort required to find the information for you, the optimal staffing level for the project, and the time it will take to complete.


In which industries do you specialize?

We do not specialize in any particular industry. While some of our competitors do choose to limit their focus to a particular industry, this also means that they must work for both you and your competitor. And it means that they are influenced by the “current thinking” in your industry. We bring a fresh perspective and a lack of conflicts to the table. Others may be able to carefully balance multiple, competing customers without a conflict of interest. We prefer to avoid any potential for, or even the appearance of, a conflict entirely.


Will my project be assigned to junior personnel?

We do not use junior personnel for any of our projects. All of our researchers are seasoned professionals experienced in interviewing. For international projects, we sometimes subcontract to firms with whom we have established relationships (and understandings about methodology and ethics), and who have particular geographic or cultural expertise.

Each project is coordinated by a project manager, who will act as your primary liaison with the research team, and who is responsible for delivery of your project results. Mr. Tyson is always available for any project-related issue.


What level of communication can I expect?

We are not the kind of research or consulting firm that “goes dark” for long stretches of time. Certainly there is a brief ramp-up period for any project (and the best information often comes in the latter third of a project), but we rely on frequent contact with our clients to help guide our efforts. Sometimes an avenue of inquiry is not particularly valuable for a client. Weekly (and sometimes daily) contacts allow us to adjust our efforts to meet the needs of our clients.


Can we be assured of an ethical approach to our project?

All of our research is conducted in accordance with the ethical guidelines of the Society for Competitive Intelligence Professionals and the American Marketing Association. What this means is that we conduct our business in an ethical, fair, legal, and responsible manner.


Do you provide sample reports?

No, we do not provide sample reports. Our reports are almost always “work for hire”, belong to our client, and are proprietary and confidential deliverables. And because each report is specific to that particular client and custom-designed for that project, samples do not give a good sense of the kind of report you might expect for your project. Again, we will work closely with you throughout the project to ensure that the deliverable meets your specific requirements.


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